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On Writer’s Block

If you’ll have a look on timeline of this blog of mine it will be obvious that I’m dealing with writer’s block. I always wanted to have real blog, to do git push to publish, to build it from scratch myself. And about 9 month ago I got it. I found Hakyll which felt awesome, like assembling a model airplane from parts. I’ve refined it over couple of weeks and got what I wanted to have. The first post event caught some attention as I’ve decided to post it to Reddit. There has been both positive and negative feedback. But there will always be negative feedback, so it was fine.

But than I stopped. Not that I stopped to write. I still drafted quite a few articles, had a few enlightening ideas of posts. But I never got to publish any of that. So I decided to post about writer’s block as I got to know what it is too well.

How it usually was:

  1. get excited
  2. type 500-100 words and get my thoughts out
  3. calm down, save the file
  4. whatever, I’ll edit it tomorrow
  5. the life goes on

What I decided to do instead it to “get it posted”. To start writing with an intention to post. It doesn’t matter what the post will be about, whatever consumes my mind the most at the moment, get it out.

How I decided to accomplish what I haven’t been able to do? First, I’m already fed up with my inability to post. Motivation is the key and all of that. The fact that most of my friends have empty blogs do not help, I acknowledge. Reduce friction (you probably know that already): I started to edit a post template directly rather than a file somewhere so publish is literally one command. Do it fast: your energy won’t last long. Edit immediately, but not during writing. I never got to edit most of my drafts. Some deep house may help, if that’s your kind of thing. Oh yeah, shutdown your Internet.

Finally, keep it short (one screen with large font). That’s it. I hope you’ll succeed one day as well.

Bonus tip: you can edit posts after you published them :P